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Industry Projects

Freebird Pictures is currently working on a variety of B2B and B2C infrastructure projects in the creative industries, based on Tania's network in distribution, production and political engagement, one of which has been active since 2017, namely Animation Germany UG.

Animation Germany UG

Animation Germany UG
Left to right: Jan Bonath (Scopas AG and German Producer's Alliance), Christian Sommer, (Trixter GmbH and Verband der technischen Betriebe für Film und Fernsehen e.V.), Tania Reichert-Facilides (Freebird Pictures GmbH & Co.KG and Animation Germany UG), Christian Davin (Cartoon)

Animation Germany UG promotes German animation/VFX industry as well as individual companies - producers, productions and studios - for the sake of expanding their international business potential. The label provides a platform to get together and informs about players and products in the German market. Moreover, Animation Germany UG offers events that will encourage discussions for business development. Animation Germany UG's concept has been developed and implemented by Tania. It was founded by the industry, the shareholders are Allianz Deutscher Produzenten e.V. and Verband der technischen Betriebe für Film und Fernsehen e.V.

Animation Germany UG makes the German industry visible to potential international partners. German schools have an excellent reputation and German talent on a creative as well as on a technical and industrial level is highly rated. The German market has strong consumer potential. It unites the interests of the animation and VFX industry in respect to international business development and promotion of their films and production potential.